Engage 17, Netscout Technology & User Summit.



Start: 23.April.17

Stop: 28.April.17

Coordinates: 28.35° -81.534°

Why Attend ENGAGE 17?

Arbor Networks, the Security Division of NETSCOUT, is bringing users together for a unique opportunity to assemble with both industry peers and Arbor personnel at ENGAGE 17. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn Best Practices, participate in hands-on training and war gaming in battling DDoS and Advanced attack campaigns, understand product roadmaps, and hear directly from both Arbor leadership and peers how as an industry we are fighting the latest threats to our networks and businesses.


This Year's Theme: Operation Illumination

To thrive in the pending dawn of the new digital age, organizations will need the knowledge to innovate, the speed to act, and the vision to secure. As Guardians of the connected world, we must prepare for the most important mission of all: the future. Operation Illumination is where we train to make that mission a success.

The Guardians of Engage ‘17 are secret operatives on a mission to bring speed, vision and knowledge to the connected world. The event itself is a high-level training ground/academy for best and brightest IT professionals called upon to be operatives. It’s a place to challenge their wits and gather the tools needed to keep the globally connected world functioning at the highest possible level.

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