Arbor Networks SP Traffic Analysis & Reporting Course

This course covers how Arbor Networks SP can be used to analyze network traffic and BGP route information in order to optimize network performance and BGP peering. 

Students will learn how to use the traffic analysis and visualization functionality of SP. This part of the training focuses on understanding how to use SP to produce various reports that assist with performing network peering analysis, capacity planning functions, BGP policy management, IPv6 rollout and customer accounting.

Target Audience

Network operations personnel and BGP peering coordinators.


2 days

Course Topics

  • Traffic and Routing Overview
  • Peering Use Case
  • Capacity Planning

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe various types of Managed Objects (customer, profile, VPN) within the system.
  • Create custom reports in XML or PDF formats.
  • Automate custom reports that run hourly, daily or weekly then have them automatically emailed to interested parties.
  • Utilize the system to provide peering reports to network operations so that route policy can be adjusted around congestion.
  • Utilize information provided by the system to evaluate peering relationships and enter into peering relationships with other ASNs, when logical.
  • Ensure that backbone/peering is being utilized properly.
  • Identify points of network congestion and define congestion alleviation strategies.
  • Describe how the product uses NetFlow and BGP to gather network topology data.
  • Describe how traffic is counted for Managed Objects.

Arbor Networks Educational Services

Arbor Networks offers a comprehensive selection of technical training courses, each geared to participants with distinct skill sets, from novice network operators to senior system administrators.  Instructors, with extensive security and networking experience, lead the classes and all required training materials are provided.  Each training session combines classroom instruction with tailored, hands-on experiences, in live network environments, so that participants learn practical, rather than just theoretical, skills. This process enables participants to gain the knowledge required to successfully operate their Arbor solutions while maximizing product performance.