Arbor Networks SP System Administrator Course

This course covers how to deploy, configure and perform ongoing Arbor Networks SP administration functions.

Target Audience

Network operations personnel, security administrators and staff responsible for configuring and maintaining the SP solution.


1 day

Course Topics

  • Initial System Configuration
  • Traffic and Reporting Configuration
  • Ongoing Maintenance Tasks
  • Troubleshooting

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Perform the administrative tasks required to successfully set up and maintain a running deployment.
  • Describe and configure managed objects (e.g., customer, profile and virtual private network or VPN) within SP.
  • Set up user accounts with various levels of access.
  • Configure SP appliances.
  • Create Notification Groups.
  • Describe the interface classification process and appropriately classify interfaces.
  • Configure the routers to be monitored.
  • Perform system backup/restore and maximize Arbor SP’s robust troubleshooting tools.

Arbor Networks Educational Services

Arbor Networks offers a comprehensive selection of technical training courses, each geared to participants with distinct skill sets, from novice network operators to senior system administrators.  Instructors, with extensive security and networking experience, lead the classes and all required training materials are provided.  Each training session combines classroom instruction with tailored, hands-on experiences, in live network environments, so that participants learn practical, rather than just theoretical, skills. This process enables participants to gain the knowledge required to successfully operate their Arbor solutions while maximizing product performance.