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ATLAS Intelligence Feed Benefits Across the Ecosystem

With ATLAS, ASERT and the ATLAS Intelligence Feed, Arbor delivers unparalleled visibility into the backbone networks that form the Internet’s core down to the local networks in today’s enterprise.

Service providers can leverage ATLAS intelligence to make timely and informed decisions about their network security, service creation, market analysis, capacity planning, application trends, transit and peering relationships and potential content partner relationships.

Enterprise security teams can leverage the global threat intelligence of the ATLAS data to stay ahead of advanced threats and save significant time by eliminating the need to manually update the latest attack detection signatures. This unique feed includes geo-location data and automates the identification of attacks against infrastructure and services from known botnets and malware while ensuring that updates for new threats are automatically delivered without software upgrades.

Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT)

ASERT delivers world-class network security research and analysis for the benefit of today’s enterprise and network operators. ASERT engineers and researchers are part of an elite group of institutions that are referred to as ‘super remediators’ and represent the best in information security. ASERT has both visibility and remediation capabilities at nearly every tier one operator and a majority of service provider networks globally. ASERT shares operationally viable intelligence with hundreds of international Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and with thousands of network operators via in-band security content feeds. ASERT also operates the world’s largest distributed honeynet, actively monitoring Internet threats around the clock and around the globe via ATLAS.


ATLAS® and ASERT | Arbor Networks

Our real-time threat analysis system, ATLAS, these capabilities create a 360-degree network security and management environment that enables our customers to proactively protect and maintain their networks in the face of both known and emerging threats.

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • “The ATLAS Intelligence Feed delivers DDoS signatures in real time to keep the enterprise data center edge protected against hundreds of botnet-fueled DDoS attack toolsets and their variants.”

    Frost & Sullivan

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