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Solving your business problems starts with proper network visibility. Deploy Arbor Networks’ SP how you want it – software, virtually, appliances – and realize pervasive visibility with ease. This is the only solution built for operators and proven to scale cost-effectively across your entire global network. Arbor analyzes packets, NetFlow, SNMP and BGP routes from across the network transforming the data into insights. Then, you can take action based on these insights to solve your business problems from network planning and engineering to threat detection and mitigation.


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Arbor Networks on ISP Traffic Visibility and the Future of Network Services

Arbor Networks traffic visibility and DDoS mitigation solutions are deployed by nearly every Tier 1 and 2 ISP and Cloud Hosting provider in the world. Arbor's Talbot Hack discusses the increasing importance of traffic visibility, the evolution of managed security services and the future of SDN/NFV infrastructure.

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • “For years, service providers and global network operators have relied on Arbor SP for traffic visibility, capacity planning, and peering relationships, not to mention DDoS protection, and for these folks, the network is the business. With the big data analytics capabilities of Arbor SP Insight, customers will now be able to understand what’s happening on their network like never before. We expect the ability to customize searches and report functionality within Arbor SP Insight to have an impact across the entire organization, from the C-suite to services and marketing teams, and of course, network and security operations.”

    Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, Ovum

  • “We selected Arbor Networks because of their proven ability to provide network-wide visibility and security combined with traffic engineering and capacity planning which allows us to proactively plan for network growth, evaluate peering relationships and reduce transit costs.”

    China Telecom Director, Data Division, O&M Department

  • “As IPv6 connectivity, applications and increased traffic are introduced into operator networks, IPv6 threats, attacks and network security breaches become more prevalent. This increase, combined with a dual IPv4/ IPv6 environment, brings more complexity to operator networks. Arbor Networks' new SP 5.6 release builds on its current IPv4 strengths while addressing IPv6 security issues and enabling more visibility and automation to reduce complexities in network management.”

    Frost & Sullivan Analyst

  • “Liquid has invested heavily to develop and operate a high-quality pan-African fiber network. Ensuring that our network and services are running smoothly and securely is a top priority for us. For that reason, we selected Arbor Networks for traffic visibility and DDoS protection. Their solutions are deployed globally by the world's most demanding network operators. This is another example of our commitment to delivering world-class services to customers.”

    Liquid Telecom, Group Director of Network Strategy

  • “By providing intelligent visibility into our network traffic, Arbor Networks SP gives us three major benefits. First, the system instantly alerts us to anomalous network activity so we can address security threats and maintain the highest quality of service. Second, it provides detailed information about suspect and attack traffic so we can conduct meaningful forensics. And third, by providing insight into where traffic is coming from, it enables more accurate traffic engineering, network planning and peering analysis – all of which helps reduce our costs and optimize our services.”

    Foreshore, Technical Director

  • “Pervasive visibility into network, application and routing traffic allows Neo Telecoms to make more informed decisions about security incidents, transit partners, network architecture, customers and new IP services. Arbor's technology is purpose built for sophisticated IP-based networks like Neo Telecoms.”

    Neo Telecoms, Chief Technology Officer

  • “Arbor SP not only provides network-wide visibility and protection against attacks, it provides the analysis and reporting we need to communicate with executive management about the threats facing our network.”

    Chief Architect, Yahoo!