Key Findings

The trend of significant growth in DDoS attack size continues. In 2016, Arbor’s ATLAS system reported 558 attacks over 100 Gbps, as opposed to 223 in 2015.

Service Providers

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    Customers remain the number one target for DDoS attacks, with over two-thirds of attacks targeting them.

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    The largest attack reported this year was 800 Gbps, a 60 percent increase over last year. Other respondents reported attacks of 600 Gbps, 550 Gbps and 500 Gbps.

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    The proportion of respondents seeing DDoS attacks targeting cloud-based services has grown from 19 percent two years ago, to 29 percent last year and now 33 percent this year — a clear trend.

Enterprise, Government & Education

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    Infrastructure continues to be the most popular attack target reported by EGE respondents.

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    Nearly 60 percent estimate their downtime costs above $500/minute, with some indicating much greater expense.

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    Attack frequency is on the rise, with 45 percent experiencing more than 10 attacks per month — a 38 percent year-over-year increase.

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Service Provider

Scale + Targeting of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks against customers remain the most commonly experienced threat among service provider respondents. Encouragingly, the percentage seeing infrastructure outages due to failure or misconfiguration continues to fall.

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Customers remain the number one target, with three-quarters of attacks targeting them compared to only two-thirds last year.

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Enterprise, Government
& Education

Network Security

DDoS is the most common threat experienced by enterprise, government and education (EGE) respondents during this survey period, consistent with last year. Looking forward, APT is the number one threat on the mind of over 60 percent of enterprise participants, jumping ahead of DDoS attacks this year.

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Overall, DNS infrastructure continues to be an afterthought for many organizations, be they service providers or enterprises. The percentage of respondents with a dedicated security function for DNS has fallen to 22 percent from 28 percent last year — a significant drop and a very disappointing and concerning result.

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Insight into the Global Threat Landscape

Insight into the Global Threat Landscape

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