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Arbor has a long history in botnet research and DDoS mitigation. However, as DDoS has moved from just a diversion to be a feature of malware and botnets used in cybercrime and APT attacks, Arbor has expanded its research team and research capabilities to tackle additional threat types.

What separates Arbor’s threat intelligence from other vendors is how the team uses its pervasive service provider footprint and critical partnerships to obtain and analyze security events. The rich data that comes from this intelligence is passed on to customers through the ATLAS® Intelligence Feed, giving them both a micro view of their own network combined with a macro view of global Internet traffic; this is a powerful combination of network security intelligence that is unrivaled today.

Critical components include:


ATLAS is the world’s first and largest globally scoped threat analysis network. Launched in 2007 in partnership with a group of Arbor service provider customers, ATLAS delivers unparalleled visibility into the backbone networks that form the Internet’s core. As the power of this data became evident, participation has grown to more than 330 customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data, 140 Tbps or approximately one-third of all Internet traffic. With the actionable intelligence provided by ATLAS, Arbor customers can make timely and informed decisions about their network security, as well as service creation, market analysis, capacity planning and application trends.

Red Sky Alliance

Arbor Networks is a founding member of the Red Sky® Alliance—a private social network of trusted security experts that collaborate on the identification and neutralization of malware and other advanced threats. As a member, Arbor has access to more than 23 million PCs being actively monitored for threat intelligence.

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The research team uses a rich malware analysis backend system comprised of both external partner technology along with internally developed analysis and processes.

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How Can Arbor Networks' Global Visibility Help You?

Arbor Networks' ATLAS initiative analyzes Terabits of data across the Internet to learn more about emerging threats as well as traffic trends. Learn more about it here.

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • "The ATLAS Intelligence Feed delivers DDoS signatures in real time to keep the enterprise data center edge protected against hundreds of botnet-fueled DDoS attack toolsets and their variants."

    Frost & Sullivan
    Source: Why Anti-DDoS Products are Critical for Today’s Business Environment

  • "Pervasive visibility into network, application and routing traffic allows Neo Telecoms to make more informed decisions about security incidents, transit partners, network architecture, customers and new IP services. Arbor's technology is purpose built for sophisticated IP-based networks like Neo Telecoms."

    CTO, Neo Telecoms

  • "SP not only provides network-wide visibility and protection against attacks, it provides the analysis and reporting we need to communicate with executive management about the threats facing our network."

    Yahoo! Chief Architect

  • "The partnership with Arbor Networks enables us to meet our needs today and as we grow in the future. Not only is Arbor delivering a valuable network visibility and security solution, but their solution enables us to offer new types of value-added service offerings for customers."

    CEO, Hunan Mobile

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