2014 Press Releases

German Hosting and IT Infrastructure Provider First Colo Selects Arbor Networks’ Peakflow Platform for DDoS Protection

BURLINGTON, MA. (December 10, 2014)Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, today announced that First Colo, a German-based hosting, managed services and IT infrastructure provider, has selected the Arbor Peakflow® platform in order to protect its infrastructure and to provide its customers with DDoS protection.

First Colo operates multiple data centers across Europe and provides a wide variety of high performance services to customers including Hosting, Managed Services, CDN, Encryption/VPN and IP Transit.

DDoS protection has been a core offering for many years. First Colo has dedicated teams that have implemented, practiced and updated DDoS response plans. This is a best practice every organization should adopt. Beyond people and process, First Colo has chosen to deploy the industry’s leading DDoS detection and mitigation technology in Arbor Networks Peakflow solution.

“Customer security is not just about data, it is also about protecting availability itself. By deploying Arbor Networks’ Peakflow platform in our data centers, we’re giving our customers the peace of mind they need that their business will remain up and running no matter what DDoS attack activity may be taking place behind the scenes,” said Martin Verges, CEO of First Colo.

First Colo was supported by Arbor’s Premier Partner Xantaro. The service integrator accompanied the trial, developed and evaluated various integration concepts prior to the implementation and ensured the smooth integration of the DDoS mitigation service into First Colo’s existing infrastructure, lead the deployment and now delivers maintenance services and support.

“With both Peakflow and the Peakflow Threat Management System in place, First Colo can now detect and mitigate DDoS attacks targeting the availability of customer applications, data and services before they have a chance to make an impact on business continuity,” said Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan. “This is incredibly important to the thousands of companies that rely on First Colo’s infrastructure to keep their own business up and running.”

Arbor NetworksPeakflow® Portfolio
Many of the world's leading cloud, hosting and service providers rely on Arbor's Peakflow® DDoS protection platform to proactively fend off malicious threats such as botnets and volumetric and application-layer distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while strengthening the availability and quality of their services.

The Peakflow platform includes two main components, Peakflow and the Peakflow Threat Management System. Peakflow combines network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering with Peakflow Threat Management System’s carrier-class threat management, which automatically detects and surgically removes only attack traffic, while maintaining other business traffic. With the ability to mitigate only the attack traffic, customer-facing services remain available while providers actively mitigate attacks. The Peakflow platform also powers many of the world's leading cloud-based DDoS managed security services. 

About First Colo
As an IT infrastructure provider, First Colo runs high-availability data centres at German and European server locations focusing on server hosting, managed services and DDoS protection. Since 2013 First Colo has been one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Germany. The company offers colocation, connectivity and management services for medium-sized and enterprise customers. With high quality standards, expertise and impartial advice, First Colo has already made a name for itself in many sectors, especially those featuring high data traffic and above-average standards on service quality and IT security.

For further information please visit www.first-colo.com.

About Xantaro
Xantaro is an international Service Integrator for carriers and service providers, as well as for enterprises and organisations, whose core business relies on the network. With a comprehensive service portfolio, Xantaro supports its customers in designing, implementing, maintaining and developing high-performance networks innovatively and economically.

Being vendor-independent, and through its partnerships with numerous technology leaders, Xantaro is at the forefront of new developments and market trends. Its close co-operation with customers and partners, combined with the experience of Xantaro’s in-house technology experts, ensures an excellent understanding against the demands of complex carrier-class networks. This expertise is concentrated by Xantaro into the unique idea of “Service Integration“: The holistic consideration of a network – from the transport up to the application layer – and the appropriate development and integration of customised solutions based on technologies of different network layers and vendors.

For further information please visit: www.xantaro.net

About Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks, Inc. helps secure the world’s largest enterprise and service provider networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats. Arbor is the world’s leading provider of DDoS protection in the enterprise, carrier and mobile market segments, according to Infonetics Research. Arbor’s advanced threat solutions deliver comprehensive network visibility through a combination of packet capture and NetFlow technology, enabling the rapid detection and mitigation of malware and malicious insiders. Arbor also delivers market leading analytics for dynamic incident response, historical analysis, visualization and forensics. Arbor strives to be a “force multiplier,” making network and security teams the experts. Our goal is to provide a richer picture into networks and more security context - so customers can solve problems faster and help reduce the risk to their business. 

To learn more about Arbor products and services, please visit our website at arbornetworks.com. Arbor’s research, analysis and insight, together with data from the ATLAS® global threat intelligence system, can be found at the ATLAS Threat Portal. 

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