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The Consequences of DDoS Attacks are Rising

What is at risk in a DDoS attack on an enterprise website or network? Certainly, there is a financial risk, as revenue will likely be lost as a direct result of the attack. There is the cost of remediation, and affected customers may have to be compensated. There is a legal risk if confidential user data is compromised. Service providers may face financial and legal consequences if they have failed to live up to their SLAs. Then there are intangibles, such as damage to a company’s brand or reputation, that will show up down the road in the form of a lost business and falling stock prices.

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No Sooner Did the Ink Dry… A 1.7Tbps DDoS Attack Makes History

In January 2018 NETSCOUT Arbor published our 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Report (WISR 2018).

This year’s report noted that the largest DDoS attack was 650 Gbps; which was down from the prior year of 800 Gbps.  The report also noted that though the largest DDoS attack was 650Gbps, the overall mix of attack sizes is still shifting up.  For example, this year the percentage of attacks over 1 Gbps has increased to 22%, growing three years in a row.

No sooner had the ink dried on WISR 2018, did we encounter a 1.7Tbps DDoS attack!

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