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How does BYOD impact network architecture decisions for enterprises?

Over the last few years the explosive growth of the smartphone and tablet market has forever altered the landscape of end user devices on the enterprise network. Like it or not, enterprises are now forced to deal with “bring your own device” (BYOD). Personally, I think it is a positive trend that can bring not only increased productivity and freedom to end users but also significant cost savings to the enterprise. However, it does come with a number of challenges as well.

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Arbor Named to Annual Top Workplaces List by the Detroit Free Press

Since I joined Arbor Networks two and a half years ago, I’ve been constantly amazed, inspired and encouraged by the innovative spirit this company embodies. We’ve grown significantly but we’ve been able to maintain an innovative, research-driven culture without losing that start-up atmosphere and enthusiasm.  For engineers and developers who populate our Ann Arbor offices, that makes for one terrific work environment.

So it comes as no surprise to me that we’ve been honored by the Detroit Free Press as a top company to work for this year. This is a particularly rewarding honor since the award is based solely on employee survey data and nothing else. We employ some pretty incredible talent at Arbor – from the wealth of security expertise within our ASERT team, to the engineers who develop products that do nothing less the secure the Internet. Arbor is filled with incredibly smart and motivated employees and in my rather biased opinion, Arbor is absolutely worthy of this nod as a top company to work for. 

I’m thrilled with this award and excited about our future as a company. We’re full of great employees who work incredibly hard to keep Arbor front and center as a leader in an uber-competitive industry.

If you’re interested in a little bit more about what makes our company culture tick, I’d urge you to take a peek at this slideshare presentation that captures the essence of our office environment, and our people, pretty well. 

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Importance of Visibility in Financial Services

The days of banks simply taking deposits and making loans against those deposits are over. In their present form, banks have become global financial supermarkets selling and servicing every imaginable financial need. It wasn’t until the 2008 financial crisis that we realized just how complex and co-dependent these institutions had become.

A great example is AIG, from Time Magazine, 9/16/08:

The best case for the bailout seems to be that nobody has the faintest idea what the consequences of AIG’s failure for financial markets would be, but the fear was that it could lead to total chaos. The biggest fears had to do with the credit-default swaps, which AIG appears to have sold in large quantities to practically every financial institution of significance on the planet. RBC Capital Markets analyst Hank Calenti estimated Tuesday that AIG’s failure would cost its swap counterparties $180 billion.

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DDoS: from nuisance to menace

In just over a decade, DDoS attacks have evolved tremendously. Back in the mid-90s, DDoS was mainly used to focus traffic towards a single site, debilitating it. Over time, DDoS attacks have matured into the tools of choice for Hacktivists.  Today, DDoS attacks are far more complex than there were in the 1990s and they continue plague major online properties all over the world, most recently government sites and major financial institutions. The timeline below (and this video) lays out the past decade+ of DDoS attacks – and how they have evolved from simple attacks that were considered a nuisance to highly complex problem that has become a menace for network operators around the world.

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A view into ATLAS data – the October snapshot

DDoS attack size continues to rise with average attacks hitting the 1.67 Gbps range, a rise of 72% year-over-year. This data comes from ATLAS, is an innovative partnership with our customers who share traffic data with us on an anonymous basis. It’s through ATLAS that we’re able to deliver unparalleled visibility into the backbone networks that form the Internet’s core. This data gives Arbor a globally scoped view of the Internet threat landscape.

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