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Putting the Spamhaus DDoS attack into perspective

DDoS attacks originally targeted Spamhaus on 16th March. Spamhaus engaged the services of CloudFlare ( who were able to mitigate the initial attacks successfully. The attacks then escalated between 19th and 21st March exhausting the capabilities of CloudFlare. The attacks also moved on to target next-hop addresses at IX’s around the world (AMS-IX, DEC-IC, HK-IX, Equinix and LINX) causing congestion and a perceived Internet slow down in some geographies. ISPs around the world have worked to deploy filters to mitigate the impact of the attacks.

This the largest known DDoS attack to date by a significant margin. The previous largest reported (and verified) attacks were at around 100Gb/sec. However, this is not the only example of a large (damaging) DNS reflection / amplification attack to have taken place this year.

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RSA Conference 2013: Some Thoughts on Advanced Threats & DDoS

Whatever the terminology, cyber-espionage, geopolitical threats, advanced malware, or APTs, they were definitely hot topics at this year’s RSA conference.  It seemed that most vendors, including Arbor, were talking about advanced threat or malware capabilities. Hot on the heels of Mandiant’s report, and several high profile breaches, the conversations seemed to intensify even more.

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A Q&A with Arbor’s Channel Chief

Last week, our very own Bill Lipsin — vice president of partners and alliances — was named by CRN as a Channel Chief this year, an award we are thrilled that Bill was chosen for. CRN is viewed by channel partners and technology vendors as one of the key publications and source of experts in channels.  This award reinforces that Arbor is taking the necessary steps to be recognized as an important vendor for channel partners to consider as part of their portfolio.

The following is a recent Q&A conversation we held with Bill, delving into Arbor’s evolving channel  and Bill’s thoughts on what makes Arbor’s channel program tick in a way that sets the company apart in the industry.

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High-bandwidth DDoS attacks – the new norm?

On February 21, Gartner issued a press release featuring research on DDoS and the enterprise from Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. One of the key findings,

Gartner: High-bandwidth DDoS attacks are becoming the new norm and will continue wreaking havoc on unprepared enterprises in 2013:

A new class of damaging DDoS attacks was launched against U.S. banks in the second half of 2012, sometimes adding up to 70 Gbps of noisy network traffic blasting at the banks through their Internet pipes. Until this recent spate of attacks, most network-level DDoS attacks consumed only five Gbps of bandwidth, but more recent levels made it impossible for bank customers and others using the same pipes to get to their websites.

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DDoS Attacks on Mobile Networks {infographic}

The Arbor Networks eighth annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report offers a clear view into today’s network security threats and mitigation techniques. The report is based on survey data from 130 network operators and service providers around the world, collected from October 2011 through September 2012.

Within this year’s report, we examined security issues across network operators and service providers all over the world, including mobile network operators. We’ve captured a few of the findings that were the most striking from a mobile standpoint in the following infographic. (click image to enlarge)

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Security Threats Facing Enterprise Networks

Security Threats Facing Enterprise Networks – A Report Abstract from Arbor’s Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

The Arbor Networks eighth annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, offers a clear view into today’s network security threats and mitigation techniques. The report is based on survey data from 130 enterprise network operators and service providers around the world collected from October 2011 through September 2012.

A new special report abstract summarizes the survey responses of enterprise network operators—providing insights into their most critical security challenges.

Enterprise Key Findings

50% Experienced DDoS attacks against their infrastructure.
25% Encountered DDoS attacks against customer- and partner-facing services.
88% Use firewalls or IPS for threat detection and 75% rely on these devices for DDoS attack mitigation, despite their drawbacks.
50% Believe their C-level executives are unaware of the threat DDoS attacks pose to Internet service availability.
50% Make DDoS part of their business risk management process for Internet service availability



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From the WISR authors’ desks

With our 8th edition of the Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report out last week, our report authors have had a chance to sit back and revisit the findings from this years’ report. Rather than simply focus on the key findings from the report – which are evident as you read through just the first few pages – they’ve chosen to reflect on some of the more interesting or surprising findings from the WISR this year.

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