Innovating always. That’s the Arbor way.

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A research project at the University of Michigan more than fifteen years ago into distributed network traffic anomalies led to DARPA funding that supported the founding of Arbor Networks.

Our culture of innovation has served Arbor, and frankly, society, well. Is the Internet there when you want it? You’re welcome. That may sound audacious, but it’s true. It’s Arbor, our people and our technology that play a big role behind the scenes working with our customers to ensure the availability of the vast majority of all service providers globally, including 95+% of global Tier 1 ISP networks. We take enormous pride in this and never take it for granted.

As DDoS attacks have evolved, so have we. We’re continually innovating and driving the market forward. Arbor helped create the DDoS managed services market a decade ago and today more than 60 DDoS managed services are powered by Arbor technology, including our own.  We introduced the industry’s first purpose built on-premise DDoS solution when attacks began targeting the enterprise. More recently, we’ve advocated for multi-layer protection against today’s complex attacks, and that has become the accepted industry best practice.  That is why we have so many customer relationships that go back more than a decade. Our customers trust that we are researching and innovating to stay ahead of attackers.

Today’s announcement of our new and expanded DDoS portfolio is further evidence of our continued innovation and commitment to customers. Connectivity and availability is the lifeblood of every business today, and we are now able to offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of DDoS mitigation products and services.

Increasing Mitigation Capacity

For large organizations, service providers, cloud hosting and global enterprises, we’ve dramatically increased mitigation capacity across the board, from on-premise appliances to our global cloud. This is a requirement in what we’ve dubbed The Hockey Stick era, which is dominated by very large attacks that leverage the reflection/amplification capabilities of DNS, NTP and other protocols.  On-premise appliances are scaling 4X their previous capacity at a lower cost per gig of protection. Arbor Cloud is going north of 2Tbps of global scrubbing capacity.

Flexible Deployment Options

We’re also able to deliver complete deployment flexibility to meet the needs of any organization. We’ve virtualized our entire portfolio for SDN/NFV environments; we’re embedded in the network as part of the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Routers. We’re also excited about our new managed security services, which for the first time enable any business to fully outsource DDoS protection to Arbor. Leverage the world’s most deployed technology, backed by the world’s leading experts.

Today’s announcement shows that we’re committed to leading the DDoS market for another fifteen years. Arbor will continue to lead and innovate on multiple fronts, from ISP traffic visibility to enterprise advanced threat protection. We’re going to continue to leverage our unique global footprint and core competency in traffic visibility and security intelligence to stop the most serious threats facing businesses today.

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