Deutsche Telekom ICSS and Arbor Networks Win Coveted Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business (GTB)

We are proud to announce that Arbor customer and partner Deutsche Telekom ICSS has won the Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Innovation Award in the category “Wholesale Service Innovation.”

The GTB judges were impressed by the inroads ICSS has made in the area of security. To help fight the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks, ICSS launched its DDoS Defense strategy in 2016. This multi-layered hybrid solution is considered industry best practice, providing backbone, in-cloud and on-premise protection against volumetric as well as application-layer and multi-vector DDoS attacks.

The breakthrough security offering is the result of months of collaboration between Deutsche Telekom ICSS and Arbor Networks. It takes advantage of the Arbor Cloud, which has 2Tbps of mitigation capacity and – being cloud based – is the only viable solution for high volume attacks. Because Arbor Cloud is ISP agnostic, it is the ideal solution for multi-national companies or those using several internet providers.

For application attacks, which are not detected by cloud solutions, ICSS’s DDoS Defense also provides always-on on-premise devices in the form of Arbor Networks APS. In addition, for our business internet access and IP Transit customers, we deliver backbone protection for attacks on networks and bandwidths.

“As one of our many offerings, our DDoS Defense solution fits perfectly into the comprehensive 360° security strategy of ICSS,” stated Mardia van der Walt, Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom ICSS. “It is a true innovation in terms of wholesale service and infrastructure protection. This win also acknowledges our goal of partnering to benefit the industry as a whole – because cyber security is a challenge we can only tackle together.”

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