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How to: Build a Business Case for DDoS

business case

The academic calendar is back into full swing. Summer vacations are now just fond memories (even the horrifying ones), and we all take a collective turn towards autumn in the northern hemisphere. Here in Boston, we turn the page, and do an immediate immersion into September without as much as a look back on summer fun. As a result, parents must readjust to a different morning calendar which involves packing school lunches, dropping kids off at school, and ensuring that they leave work in time to pick up said children from football practice, band rehearsal, etc. Because of this adjustment, our work commutes are nightmares. Our throughways have become parking lots as everyone experiments with new departure times and travel routes. It is not a pleasant experience for the next few weeks. This interruption reminds me greatly of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and the effect it has on network operations.

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The Danger of the Latest NTP Attacks

Who would have imagined that Network Time Protocol (NTP) — such an innocuous protocol designed to synchronize the clock on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and network infrastructure devices — would be abused to cause so much damage?  NTP reflection/amplification DDoS attacks are the current weaponized DDoS technique of choice for DDoS attacks, especially those 1 Gb/sec and larger – with some now exceeding 300 Gb/second.  Attacks of 100 Gb/second have become fairly common, as tools have armed slews of copycat attacks.  Even small DDoS attack volumes are able to impact availability and disrupt the performance of servers, applications, or services that are brittle, fragile and non-scalable.  Large attacks generate significant collateral damage en route to their target due to their extreme bandwidth consumption on ISP networks and at their various interchange points.

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