Category: Advanced Threats

The Beef with Malware Attacks

burger image

A well-known fast food restaurant chain, famous for its burgers, was recently hacked and its Point-of-Sale (“POS”) system breached. The result: stolen customer information from more than 5,000 restaurants. Point of Sale systems are vulnerable to attack and just as my colleague reported, the attacks […]

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Stephen Gostkowski, SOC Analyst

Well, the Patriots lost another heartbreaker in Denver, and it happened because of something that nobody, and I mean nobody saw coming. A missed extra point. You see, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski had made an NFL record 523 consecutive extra points. This streak became even […]

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You’re a Mean One, Master Hack

I cannot help it. I love watching the “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” So for the next holiday carol spook, I am taking the perspective of the security administrator who has just dealt with an advanced threat attack and breach at work…to the sound of […]

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