Author: Barrett Sellers

Mind the Gap: There’s More Than One Path

I grew up in a small rural town in North Georgia. When I lived there, we had two or three stop lights and one heck of a following for Sonic hamburgers. We all bled orange and black, the colors of the high school football team, and we all knew who was at the funeral home, who was bringing casseroles, who was causing trouble in town and who was hosting the next Sunday Tea. My Mom was my eighth grade English teacher and always a presence in my school either in a teaching position or as a Principal. The biggest fear I had was getting in trouble at school and her knowing about it before I even got home.

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Being an Agent of Change

Last week, Arbor Network’s Women on Their Way group was fortunate enough to have Dr. Melissa Grill Peterson with us via webinar. Her goal in speaking to us as women in cybersecurity was to help us separate from genetically encoded stereotypes and find our own […]

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Momentum Means Movement

It is no secret that the world of Cybersecurity is dominated in population by men. There are numerous references to this statistic, such as the one from the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study: Women in Cybersecurity that notes only 11% of the cybersecurity population […]

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STEM Girls Have Swagger


Boys can play with dolls – GASP! It won’t turn them into a… GIRL. And, girls can play with code and strive for meaningful careers in cybersecurity without fearing that they will be seen as inferior. Yes, ladies… please stand up! The 2017 Global Information […]

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Women have “Gut”

In recent news, I have been especially pleased to see a breakthrough in the focus on women in cybersecurity. I have read much about how to increase the tenacity and confidence in young women at an early age so that they will excel academically in […]

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