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Applying NFV to DDoS Protection

By Kirill Kasavchenko

As with any new technology, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has its own adoption cycle driven by business realities. Once a subject of hype, NFV is a reality for service providers in 2018. NETSCOUT Arbor sees a lot of customers either deploying or evaluating NFV in earnest; quite a few are already using it to deliver revenue-generating services to their customers. The motivation for deploying NFV in service provider environment is clear: to deliver managed services more quickly and more cost-effectively, enabling their consumption by small- to medium-sized enterprise customers (SME) and broadening the market in the process. To achieve these goals, service providers are looking to automate many aspects of service delivery and turning to management and orchestration systems (MANO) for help, sometimes shortened to “orchestrators.”

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How DDoS Disrupted Elections In Czechia

As DDoS attacks grow in frequency and bandwidth each year, detection and proactivity become crucial to maintaining system functionality on both back-end structures and front-end user interfaces. In the case of political elections, keeping polling up and running can mean the difference between fair democratic processes and skewed election results. In today’s shall we say ‘tempestuous’ international climate, clarity in how we choose our world leaders is paramount. Unfortunately, cyberattacks that impede this goal are only too common.

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Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet: Using IoT Devices to Launch Attacks from Within

By Steinthor Bjarnason

The number of IP-enabled IoT devices has increased dramatically in the last several years and according to IHS, it is predicted to reach the staggering number of 30.7 billion devices by 2020. Almost every device manufactured today, including home appliances, street lights, parking meters, toys and even automobiles include some sort of IoT functionally which allows them to be monitored and/or managed via the internet.

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Arbor Presenting at Upcoming Security Events

Arbor Networks will be presenting at two security industry events in June: ISMG’s Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit in Chicago and the IANS Information Security Forum in Dallas. The ISMG session will focus on the impact of new cyber regulations and the IANS talk will focus on the challenges facing security teams related to big data, the lack of context and actionable intelligence.

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In an Internet minute

  Sources:  50,200 mobile apps downloaded a minute:, 2014 94 Twitter accounts created a minute:, 2015 2.4 million Google searches a minute: 1389 Uber rides a minute:, 8, 2015 30 Identity Thefts a minute:, Feb. 5, 2014 2,083,333 minutes used on Skype calls every minute:, […]

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