How ATLAS Enriches Arbor’s WISR

2015 WISR Report

Next week Arbor Networks celebrates the release of the 12th edition of its popular Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR), which is primarily based upon a survey of individuals within the operational security community from a variety of business verticals from across the globe. The survey is divided into sections that address specific topics such as DDoS attacks, corporate network security, IPv6, data centers, mobile networking, etc. Each section establishes the observations and concerns of respondents and, where appropriate, the mechanisms put in place to manage their concerns. What many may not realize is that this data is compared to Arbor’s own unique view into some of these questions by harvesting our Active Threat Level Analysis System, or ATLAS®. As in past years, ATLAS data is used in four sections to provide data on attack sizes, attack durations, target countries, and reflections in this year’s report. An added bonus this year is an in-depth section on IoT botnets, how they grow and launch attacks.

ATLAS is the world’s first and largest globally scoped threat analysis network. Launched in 2007 in partnership with a group of Arbor Networks SP customers, ATLAS delivers unparalleled visibility into the backbone networks that form the internet’s core. As the power of this data became evident and Arbor’s SP product has become the marketing leading traffic visibility product with over 90% of Tier 1 ISPs as customers, participation has grown to more than 300 customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data, 140 Tbps or approximately one-third of all internet traffic. With the actionable intelligence provided by ATLAS, Arbor customers can make timely and informed decisions about their network security, as well as service creation, market analysis, capacity planning and application trends. Essentially, ATLAS is a view into the threat landscape and overall health of the internet.

A great place to visualize ATLAS’s data is on the Digital Attack Map, a collaboration with Jigsaw, a division of Alphabet (formerly named Google), that shows how Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a global problem. It is streamed in real-time and the data visualization gives users the ability to explore current and historical trends in DDoS attacks, see attacks by country, and make the connection to related news events on a daily basis.

Come back next week to get Arbor Network’s 12th Annual WISR, and attend this webinar series for a deeper dive on the WISR key findings.

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