Month: February 2018

A Response to the NTIA Draft Report on DDoS and Botnet Attacks

On Dec. 1, 2016, the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity introduced a set of goals for the new administration, and protecting the nation’s infrastructure and commerce against DDoS and Botnet attacks was high on the list. A Presidential Executive Order from May 2017 re-emphasized this priority, seeing the importance of our connected world and its fragility based on the growing threat raised by the plethora of vulnerable, consumer focused Internet- connected devices.  Attackers from any spot around the globe can use vulnerabilities in these connected devices and across our digital infrastructures, and other vectors, to cause both digital havoc and increasingly catastrophic physical damage across our nation’s critical infrastructure.

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How DDoS Disrupted Elections In Czechia

As DDoS attacks grow in frequency and bandwidth each year, detection and proactivity become crucial to maintaining system functionality on both back-end structures and front-end user interfaces. In the case of political elections, keeping polling up and running can mean the difference between fair democratic processes and skewed election results. In today’s shall we say ‘tempestuous’ international climate, clarity in how we choose our world leaders is paramount. Unfortunately, cyberattacks that impede this goal are only too common.

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