Month: April 2013

The Evolving DDoS Threat; Q&A with Carlos Morales & Tom Field of BankInfoSecurity (Part 1)

DDoS attacks on banks have returned, and attackers are changing their tactics and expanding their attack toolsets. How must organizations change the way they defend against DDoS? Arbor Networks’ Carlos Morales discusses the evolving threat landscape with Tom Field of BankInfoSecurity in the following Q&A.

Part 1 of this Q&A is below; part 2 will appear tomorrow. 

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Q1 Key Findings from ATLAS

**Updated on 4/26 with infographic**

Q1 2013 saw the previous record for the largest reported DDoS attack, around 100Gbps, shattered by the 300Gb/sec DNS reflection / amplification attack which targeted Spamhaus. Attackers have had the technical capability to generate attacks of this magnitude for some time, and now this has been demonstrated. The attack vector used in this case was not new, DNS reflection / amplification has been used to generate several of the largest attacks seen on the Internet in recent years. DNS reflection / amplification attacks are actually relatively common, but usually at much lower traffic levels.

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The importance of DDoS defense in business continuity planning

High-profile, and often brazen DDoS attacks continue to make headlines – both in the US and overseas as cyber-attackers are finding new and stealthy ways of launching attacks – and maintaining those attacks for lengthy periods of time without detection.  These attacks are lethal today because they often target the availability of computing and network resources.  If a DDoS attack against a Web server, DNS server, email server, application server or other online property is successful, the availability of the target is negatively impacted.

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Protecting the cloud from the DDoS threat

Security threats are constantly evolving and for most organizations keeping track of the ever-changing threat landscape is an ongoing challenge. However, this is becoming increasingly important for Internet data center operators as they are increasingly being targeted by all kinds of cyber-threats, with one of the most significant being DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

DDoS attacks have grown in size, complexity and frequency over the past decade and many organizations are now being targeted. It’s not just high-profile, politically-connected organizations that are at risk. Any enterprise which uses the Internet to sell products, offer services or to access cloud based data and applications – which applies to almost any sector and size of business – can become a target, because of who they are, what business they do, who they partner with or for any other real or perceived affiliation. The range of motivations behind DDoS attacks has broadened considerably – ideological hacktivism, extortion, disguise of other cyber-crime, vandalism, competitive weapon etc., –  and a broader range of motivations means increased risk to many businesses.

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A sneak peek into the APAC Summit

The Arbor Networks team has been busy this week hosting our customers and partners at the APAC Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. The event has been a very successful one this year with over 100 attendees, partners and customers in attendance, from 11 countries across Asia. They’ve all convened in Da Nang to hear from industry experts, share best practices, and learn about and help shape Arbor’s future direction. 

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