We won the AWS Ninja Award for Innovative Excellence!

We created Packetloop to provide answers to questions that our customers had. Questions that existing security technologies were not able to answer. Having customers who want to use our software, who see the value in using Packetloop to get clear network intelligence from their data is a reward in itself.

To be recognised by the industry and your peers is an added bonus. Tonight Packetloop received its first award, from Amazon Web Services. The award we received is the “AWS Ninja Award for Innovative Excellence, and it recognises an organisation that uses AWS cloud in a new or innovative ways, pushing the envelope on how cloud computing can deliver tangible business benefits. Packetloop certainly fits the bill, as it utilises the utility power of the Cloud to provide Big Data Security Analytics at a fraction of the price that other on premise solutions cost. We also recently modified our opens source project PacketPig so that it can use AWS Elastic MapReduce. The full blog on how to configure PacketPig for EMR can be found here.

We would like to thank AWS not only for the recognition that this award provides for us, but for giving us a killer platform on which to develop and deliver Packetloop. We also want to congratulate AWS on the unveiling of their new Australian, Sydney based instance which was announced today. This is a great step forward for developers of Cloud hosted services in Australia and we look forward to a long association with AWS.

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