Time to validate

The Mecca for security types is the Black Hat conferences. As security consultants, we always dream of attending, and can only aspire to one day be invited to present a paper at such a renowned event. As the concepts and techniques of Packetloop were evolving, Michael thought that a great way to validate the thinking behind the Packetloop concept, would be to take these ideas before the world’s best security minds. So he responded to the call for papers to Black Hat Europe, wondering if they would accept it.

THEY DID! A very humbling, somewhat daunting but mainly exciting opportunity! So in a little over 5 hours from now Michael will be presenting “Finding Needles in Haystacks (the size of countries)” at Black Hat Europe in Amsterdam.

This presentation will give an insight into how to approach security analytics using Big Data – really big data sets, using full packet captures, and leveraging cloud services to process terabytes of data quickly, coupled with powerful visualisations which introduce new ways of understanding your security exposure.

We will post some content from the presentation over the coming weeks including links to many of the resources when Michael returns. All the team at Packetloop wish Michael all the best for the presentation, and the celebrations that will certainly happen afterwards 😉

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