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Dirt Jumper DDoS Bot Increasingly Popular

We’ve profiled the Dirt Jumper DDoS bot before and shown its evolution over the years. We then took this analysis into our zoo to see which DDoS bot families are growing in popularity with attackers. The marketplace has opened up significantly (see Curt’s excellent overview of DDoS tools and services) in recent years, and with […]

DDoS Attacks in Russia Added to Protests

2011, and now 2012, appear to be years of major populist protests regarding political processes around the world. Russia is no different. News reports of protests in the streets of Moscow have been increasing, with protesters demanding election reforms and fairness. It is in this backdrop that we’re seeing DDoS attacks against some websites. A […]

DDoS Watch: Keeping an Eye on Aldi Bot

Curt Wilson

Background The intention of this entry is to profile some elements of the Aldi Bot in order to provide value for the security operations community and malware research community. Aldi Bot is a newer inexpensive DDoS bot that is growing in popularity. Recent data (September 30 2011) suggests that there are at least 50 distinct […]

Highlights of Arbor Networks’ Fourth Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

Highlights of Arbor Networks’ Fourth Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report Presenters: Tom Bienkowski, Director of Product Marketing, Arbor Networks Danny McPherson, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Arbor Networks Description: For the past four years Arbor Networks has conducted a survey of many of the world’s network operators. This survey covers topics such as: Most […]

New attack patterns emerge in 2009

Botnets were just the beginning. The bad guys will continue to use these to try and steal your data, but more sophisticated attacks over the application layer and targeted network attacks are on the way.  In this Network World Podcast, Danny McPherson from Arbor Networks discusses the new ways that hackers will be trying to […]

Distributed SSH Brute Force Attacks

Recently a couple of news reports have come in that suggest that someone has changed how they do SSH brute force attacks: Spike in failed SSH logins could be beginnings of a coordinated attack, ISC says from the TechTarget blogs on October 22. Distributed SSH attacks bypass blacklists posted on Heise Security today A low […]