Syria taken offline

ATLAS is Arbor Networks innovative, one-of-a-kind Internet monitoring system. ATLAS is a collaborative effort with 250+ ISPs globally who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data on an hourly basis (leveraging Arbor’s technology that sits on ISP networks), together with data from Arbor dark address monitoring probes, as well as third-party and other data feeds. In total, ATLAS is seeing 42Tbps of peak IPv4 traffic. With this unique vantage point, Arbor is ideally positioned to deliver intelligence about malware, exploits, phishing and botnets that threaten Internet infrastructure and services. The information is aggregated, analyzed and fed back to our customers via our product deployments.

Syria Offline Graph

You can clearly see the traffic we are tracking for Syria drop to virtually 0 at 2000 UTC on the graph.  This will be approximately 1 hour after the drop happened in the ‘real’ world given that ATLAS participants only report hourly.
We’ve seen entire countries in the Mideast taken offline before.

Egypt Returns

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