Snapshot: Syria’s Internet drops, returns

The Arbor ATLAS system leverages Arbor Networks’ world-wide service provider customer base to gather data about Internet traffic patterns and threats.  Currently 246 of Arbor’s customers are actively participating in the Arbor ATLAS system, and are sharing data on an hourly basis. The data shared includes information on the traffic crossing the boundaries of participating networks, and the kinds of DDoS attacks they are seeing. The graph below shows the cumulative ‘total’ traffic ( to / from) Syria across all of these participating networks. This does not the total traffic into and out of Syria, this is simply a snapshot taken from the vantage point of 246 network operators around the world.

As you can see traffic dropped sharply at around 1730 in the graph below.  The low level could either indicate a reduction in traffic to / from Syria or an outage for less than an hour (as the data is at one hour granularity). The actual traffic interruption is likely to have occurred at around 1630, the graphs show traffic interruption an hour later than this due to the variable, hourly reporting from ATLAS participants to our servers.

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