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Inflammatory Accusations

I recently wandered into Ann Arbor’s (and the first ever) Borders Books & Music store where I came upon a magazine titled “Skeptical Inquirer – The Magazine for Science and Reason.” At the bottom of the magazine cover, I read the text “Published by the […]

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Vulnerability Complexities

Dave Goldsmith had a great post earlier today which I would like to point out to anyone who hasn’t read it yet. With comments like, “I’m quite positive that when this vulnerability reached Sun Microsystems, someone’s head exploded”, I found his commentary very amusing. Even […]

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Botnet Tracking, Minute by Minute

We’ve been tracking botnets for some time now; it’s a great way to directly monitor malicious activity. The graph above relates to a botnet I’m currently tracking. It’s seeing a lot of churn – something on the order of thousands of new IP addresses every […]

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Security Product Corewars: When Robots Attack

Q: What do you get when you cross PROTOS, Metasploit, SPIKE, tcpreplay, and ISIC, and then hardware-accelerate it? A: A slew of recently-launched “security analyzer” products — boxes designed to break just about anything on the network (including other security devices) by being the worst, […]

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Hello Zfone!

Greetings from Ann Arbor…I’m @ Rendez-Vous Cafe – right in the heart of Michigan’s central campus – having a cup of their delicious chocolate raspberry coffee (a must-try if ever you come up to A2). I returned last evening from Vancouver, still a bit over-whelmed […]

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Jumping Through Hoops^H^H^H^H^Hrings

People of Earth, I send to you greetings from CanSecWest. After several years of performing in rock bands, my hearing is slightly damaged and I suffer from a reasonably annoying case of tinnitus. Sadly, I have difficulty understanding many non-native English speakers at security conferences, […]

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