Security Product Corewars: When Robots Attack

Q: What do you get when you cross PROTOS, Metasploit, SPIKE, tcpreplay, and ISIC, and then hardware-accelerate it? A: A slew of recently-launched “security analyzer” products — boxes designed to break just about anything on the network (including other security devices) by being the worst, most aggressive TCP/IP conversationalists imaginable. In an industry wholly pre-occupied […]

Hello Zfone!

Greetings from Ann Arbor…I’m @ Rendez-Vous Cafe – right in the heart of Michigan’s central campus – having a cup of their delicious chocolate raspberry coffee (a must-try if ever you come up to A2). I returned last evening from Vancouver, still a bit over-whelmed at the strong line-up that Dragos put together (nice job!). […]

The Market-Driven (Vulnerability) Economy, Part Deux

Jose’s post on buying and selling vulnerabilities got me to really start thinking again about whether vendors should pay independent security researchers for the information they discover, and, if they choose not to, have a say in applying stipulations to that research, such as rules of disclosure or anything else. Personally, I don’t believe that […]

Jumping Through Hoops^H^H^H^H^Hrings

People of Earth, I send to you greetings from CanSecWest. After several years of performing in rock bands, my hearing is slightly damaged and I suffer from a reasonably annoying case of tinnitus. Sadly, I have difficulty understanding many non-native English speakers at security conferences, especially when I’m not close enough to actually hear their […]

More CanSecWest/core06 liveblogging…

A few notes on the talks I’ve liked thus far: HD Moore’s Metasploit 3.0 framework presentation. Written in Ruby, it is far more flexible and efficient. About one month ago, some of us were joking that you could slap a Ruby on Rails front-end on it and hook it up with something like Backpack for […]

The Market-Driven (Vulnerability) Economy

“Markets are doing what they do best.” “That’s why the market has always been a better problem-solver than government and it always will be.” Markets fascinate me. I have never studied economics, and honestly, I realized how fascinating it is excessively late. Nevertheless, I am still fascinated by markets. Their forces, their currents, their dynamism. […]

Who Doesn’t Love Vancouver in April?

Greetings from sunny Vancouver, British Columbia…home of the CanSecWest security conference. This is probably my favorite all-around security conference. Where else can you wake up, look over the harbor and mountains, and then spend the day with good friends in a tight community, hear some of the world’s best and brightest in the field discuss […]