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Say NO to RFPs!

I don’t know who dislikes RFPs more: vendors who have to answer them or customers who have to create them and then read all the responses. There aren’t too many things that waste more time than RFPs. I understand the original premise of these: they […]

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I finally got around to digging through the most recent load of mail sitting on the corner of the desk in my home office. While typically comprised of impressive pounds of magazines I’m constantly barraged with (all because selling magazine subscriptions every couple weeks seems […]

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Net Neutrality; Big Feet

Passing through Denver International Airport the other day in continuing my ceaseless trudge to a meeting some place or another, I dropped by one of the shoe shine stands in hopes of prolonging the life of my favorite dress shoes. As directed, I took a […]

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Advisory Ambiguity

In the course of notifying the public, some vendors’ vulnerability advisories have been less informative than others. Whereas a significant number of vendors have come to realize the value of some form of disclosure over time, others continually fail to provide actionable information. This entry […]

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SETEC Astronomy

In the film “The Manhattan Project,” a high school student builds a small nuclear weapon to bring attention to a covert nuclear weapons research lab located near his suburban home. The ending of the film is a tense standoff between the high school student, the […]

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