Category: Malware

The Scent of Hardware EULAs Backfiring

In our shrill world of paranoia where vendors clench their general counsel’s arm tight enough to powder walnuts, it’s not surprising that End User Licensing Agreements (EULAs) continue to grow in absurdity. With the continued prevalence of free OS’, hardware vendors are undoubtedly under increased […]

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Security Product Corewars: When Robots Attack

Q: What do you get when you cross PROTOS, Metasploit, SPIKE, tcpreplay, and ISIC, and then hardware-accelerate it? A: A slew of recently-launched “security analyzer” products — boxes designed to break just about anything on the network (including other security devices) by being the worst, […]

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Who Doesn’t Love Vancouver in April?

Greetings from sunny Vancouver, British Columbia…home of the CanSecWest security conference. This is probably my favorite all-around security conference. Where else can you wake up, look over the harbor and mountains, and then spend the day with good friends in a tight community, hear some […]

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