Roland Dobbins

Roland Dobbins is a Principal Engineer on Arbor’s ASERT Team. He has nearly 30 years of operational experience in the service provider (SP) and large enterprise arenas, designing, deploying, operating, securing, maintaining, troubleshooting and defending many of the highest-visibility networks in the world. He is a recognized industry leader in the fields of operational security (opsec) and network telemetry, and has an extensive background in security product/feature innovation, devising operational security requirements for network infrastructure devices and protocol design. His focus is on extending the availability, scalability and security of the network infrastructure and the applications/services it enables, with an emphasis on flexible and resilient global service delivery capabilities.

Mirai IoT Botnet Description and DDoS Attack Mitigation

Changes from previous version:  Removed erroneous Mirai bot backdoor reference (miscommunication regarding Mirai C&C API listener on TCP/101); added Dyn post-mortem link; refined descriptive verbiage. Authors:  Roland Dobbins & Steinthor Bjarnason Since its inception in August of 2016, the Mirai ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT) botnet, comprised largely of  Internet-enabled digital video recorders (DVRs), surveillance cameras, and other Internet-enabled embedded devices, has […]

How to Become an Internet Supervillain in Three Easy Steps

One of the truisms of comic books and graphic novels is that nothing is immutable – both heroes and villains are rebooted, retconned, featured as radically (or subtly) different versions in alternate timelines, etc. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which so far includes the Captain America, Thor,Hulk, Iron Man, and Avengers films, is a good example. […]