Author: Neal Dennis

Neal Dennis
Neal Dennis joined ASERT as a Threat Intelligence Analyst. For more than 13 years during his time prior to Arbor, he supported various military cyber elements, including USCYBERCOM and 24th Air Force. He has worked in most levels of cyber operations, from network defense and sitting on the wire to strategic intelligence support.

Additional Insights on Shamoon2

IBM analysts recently unveiled a first look at how threat actors may have placed Shamoon2 malware on systems in Saudi Arabia. Researchers showcased a potential malware lifecycle which started with spear phishing and eventually led to the deployment of the disk-wiping malware known as Shamoon. […]

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Espionage, Spying and Big Corporate Data, These Are a Few of China’s Favorite Things

ASERT provides a weekly threat bulletin for Arbor customers that highlights and analyzes the week’s top security events and provides other pertinent infosec material. Recently, we covered the public notification of a United Airlines breach by possible Chinese state-sponsored threat actors. In this blog, we offer an alternative hypothesis to the conclusions many have drawn regarding the motivation behind this and other recent attacks.

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