Author: Darren Anstee

Darren Anstee
Darren Anstee has 20 years of experience in pre-sales, consultancy and support for telecom and security solutions. As Chief Security Technologist at Arbor Networks, Darren works across the research, strategy and pre-sales aspects of Arbor’s traffic monitoring, threat detection and mitigation solutions for service providers and enterprises around the world. Prior to joining Arbor, he spent over eight years working in both pre- and post-sales for core routing and switching product vendors. Follow Darren Anstee on Twitter ‏ @cadernid

Syria taken offline

ATLAS is Arbor Networks innovative, one-of-a-kind Internet monitoring system. ATLAS is a collaborative effort with 250+ ISPs globally who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data on an hourly basis (leveraging Arbor’s technology that sits on ISP networks), together with data from Arbor dark address […]

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Current DDoS Threats and Trends

At Infosecurity Europe 2013, Darren Anstee, Solutions Architect for Arbor Networks, talked IT ProPortal through the types of DDoS threats that pose a risk to business currently. Watch below, or visit IT ProPortal for a complete video overview of Infosecurity Europe 2013.

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Syria goes dark

UPDATE: Syria’s back online   ORIGINAL POST The ATLAS infrastructure leverages Arbor Networks’ world-wide service provider customer base to gather data about Internet traffic patterns and threats.  Currently 246 of Arbor’s customers are actively participating in the ATLAS program, and are sharing data on an […]

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