Arbor Cloud for Enterprises

Gain on-demand, multi-layered DDoS protection—from your data center to the cloud. Arbor Cloud’s best-in-class technology improves business availability by detecting and mitigating the full spectrum of today’s complex DDoS attacks.

Integrated On-Premise and Cloud-Based Protection

Powered by the world’s most widely deployed DDoS protection technology, Arbor Cloud delivers a unique, integrated combination of on-premise and cloud-based mitigation for protection from the full spectrum of modern DDoS attacks. On-premise protection guards against state-exhausting attacks aimed at the security infrastructure of the enterprise. It also helps prevent stealthy attacks that bypass Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and target business-critical applications. Meanwhile, our global, multi-terabit, on-demand traffic scrubbing service defends against volumetric DDoS attacks that are too large to be mitigated on-premise. It’s all supported by Arbor’s 24x7 Security Operations Center staffed by our DDoS and security experts. Arbor Cloud brings the availability of your network, services and applications back under your control.

Features & Benefits

In-Cloud Protection Against Flood Attacks

Flood attacks overwhelm the capacity of enterprise data centers, negating the effectiveness of any perimeter defenses. The best place to stop these high-volume DDoS attacks is in the cloud. Arbor Cloud proactively protects against high-bandwidth DDoS attacks.

Multi-Terabit Mitigation Capacity Against Flood Attacks

Currently Arbor Cloud global scrubbing capacity is 7.6 Tbps. There are 8 scrubbing centers, with nodes in major traffic centers including North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

On-Premise Protection Against Application-Layer Attacks

Today’s “low and slow” application-layer attacks fly under the radar of cloud-based solutions as well as traditional perimeter security solutions, such as firewalls and IPS. They can only be detected and blocked using a purpose-built intelligent DDoS mitigation solution on premise. The on-premise protection delivered through the Arbor Cloud solution provides the first line of defense against DDoS attacks that threaten service and application availability.

Fully Integrated On-Demand Solution

Using cloud signaling technology, Arbor Cloud seamlessly integrates on-premise and cloud-based protection. This enables communication between the two and accelerates DDoS attack detection and mitigation. When an attack begins to saturate connection bandwidth, for example, the on-premise device can trigger an alert to the Arbor Cloud scrubbing center—augmenting on-premise protection with cloud-based mitigation.

Full Control of Mitigation

Unlike other managed DDoS solutions, Arbor Cloud enables enterprises to maintain control over DDoS mitigation via the on-premise solution. The Arbor Cloud Portal provides information regarding the attack and mitigation, a timer for measuring attack duration, granular reporting on attack traffic and account management tools.

Manual or Automatic Mitigation Alerts

When the on-premise solution detects an attack, you can manually signal the cloud deployment about the attack. Alternatively, you can preset the on-premise solution to automatically send a cloud signal upstream when a threshold is reached.

Automated Threat Updates

Arbor Cloud provides global insight into known and emerging threats through the ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF), which delivers DDoS signatures in real time to protect networks against hundreds of DDoS attack toolsets and their variants.

Single-Vendor Solution

Arbor Cloud is based 100 percent on in-cloud and on-premise mitigation equipment from Arbor Networks, the world leader in DDoS protection.

Managed Arbor Networks APS (mAPS) Service

Arbor Networks APS is a premium DDoS protection product. With the Managed APS (mAPS) Service, you can rely upon the industry leading expertise of Arbor Networks to manage your on-premises APS device and optimize your DDoS protection.