A Coordinated, Collaborative Approach to DDoS Mitigation

Stopping modern-day DDoS attacks requires the collaboration of enterprises, governments and in-cloud managed security service providers. To help facilitate collaboration and address this complex, growing problem, Arbor Networks created the Cloud Signaling Coalition (CSC).

Based on Arbor’s 16 years of experience solving the DDoS attack problem, Arbor believes that best practice dictates an intelligent, layered approach to DDoS protection — in other words, a combination of in-cloud and on-premise based DDoS attack mitigation. Members of the Cloud Signaling Coalition endorse the concept of intelligent, layered DDoS Protection — all backed by Arbor products and services:

In the cloud, the powerful combination of Arbor Networks SP — used for pervasive network visibility and threat detection — along with the TMS — used for surgical mitigation of DDoS attacks — offers the ideal solution for in-cloud DDoS protection.

For the network perimeter, Arbor Networks APS protects the availability of services from application-layer attacks.

And finally, Arbor’s powerful and unique Cloud Signaling feature provides active, intelligent communication between network perimeter and in-cloud based DDoS protection systems.

Together Arbor Networks and Cloud Signaling Coalition members offer the most comprehensive DDoS attack protection in the industry today.

Cloud Signaling Coalition Members

The following are current members of the Cloud Signaling Coalition and their regions of service:

  • Neustar ** - Worldwide
  • Axtel * - Mexico
  • CAT Telecom
  • Circular/Depulsio * - Germany
  • NextGen Networks * - Australia
  • Gen-I * - New Zealand
  • Vocus * - Australia
  • Adversor
  • Aixit
  • Allstream
  • Bezeq International - Israel
  • Bharti Airtel - India
  • Colt – Pan Europe*
  • Embratel
  • Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.)
  • Jaguar Network
  • Neo Telecoms*
  • NexusGuard
  • Optus
  • Orange Polska
  • Starhub
  • Swisscom
  • Tata Communications
  • Telefonica
  • TelstraClear
  • True Internet Co. Ltd.

** CSC Select – Can accept cloud signals and has a minimum of 40 Gbps of Mitigation capacity.
* Can accept cloud signals.