Cisco ASR 9000 vDDoS Protection Solution

Virtual, Network Embedded DDoS Protection Powered by Arbor Networks

Network operators who deploy the Cisco ASR 9000 routers, either in the core or at the edge, are investing in their networks in order to meet increasing bandwidth demands of businesses and consumers. Businesses customers are looking for more Carrier Ethernet Services while consumer growth is being driven by mobile, more high-definition channels, greater video on-demand options, and faster Internet access and over-the-top applications that are consuming more capacity on a daily basis.

  • Global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past five years, and will increase threefold over the next five years.
  • Metro traffic will surpass long-haul traffic in 2015, and will account for 62 percent of total IP traffic by 2018.
  • IP video traffic will be 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013.
  • Traffic from wireless and mobile devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2018.

The ASR 9000 stands at the intersection of these growth trends, and enables network operators to dynamically and intelligently support this growth today and into the future.

The DDoS Threat to the IP Future

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the primary threat to the quality and availability of this service delivery infrastructure. The growth in IP traffic mirrors the growth in DDoS attack size. 2014 was an inflection point for DDoS attacks, the beginning of the Hockey Stick Era, with massive attacks exceeding 400Gbps. More bandwidth, better attack tools and sophisticated attackers focus on leveraging the reflection/amplification capabilities of DNS, NTP and other vulnerable protocols means that massive attack size is now a fact of life for network operators.

Arbor Networks DDoS mitigation technology is deployed in the vast majority of the world’s Internet Service Provider networks, including every Tier 1 operator in the world. No company has more experience detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks, or has more proven technology.

Arbor’s DDoS mitigation capabilities can now be embedded on a blade within the Cisco ASR 9000 router. With Arbor vDDoS Protection, network operators who have deployed Cisco’s ASR 9000 can protect these investments while ensuring the quality and availability of IP-based services, and their very future.

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • “By integrating Arbor’s proven DDoS mitigation technology into the ASR9000 router, Cisco is moving aggressively to enable their customers to address the growing size and scale of DDoS attacks. This is a best of breed combination.”

    Chris Rodriguez, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

  • “By adding Arbor’s market leading DDoS mitigation technology to the ASR9000 router, Cisco is meeting the needs of customers wanting to mitigate DDoS attacks at the network edge. This is a smart move for both companies.”

    Jeff Wilson, Principal Analyst, Infonetics Research

  • “Arbor Networks looks to defend enterprises from DDoS via deepening of Cisco partnership”

    Jim Duffy, 451 Research