Security teams face increasing asymmetry with their attackers.

The Mean Time to Detect an attack is typically greater than 150 days yet the Mean Time for the adversary to initially compromise a network is under 10 minutes. Arbor Spectrum can dramatically increase the entire security team’s Mean Time To Know when an attacker is already inside, and take swift action to eject or contain them.

The new defender’s reality is now one where the attack tools, such as malware, typically used to initially compromise a network are no longer the weapons of choice. Greater than 50% of attacks in 2016 used tools that did not contain malware and were often undetectable using traditional perimeter security solutions and SIEMs. Instead attackers today gain access to user accounts and manipulate well known IT applications or operating systems.

That’s why you need a comprehensive visibility strategy that provides unprecedented awareness of the traffic flowing throughout your organization.

Arbor Spectrum is a high-performance network traffic analysis solution that detects and confirms previously hidden threats faster and more accurately than ever before. Leveraging our ATLAS threat intelligence platform, Arbor Spectrum arms security teams with the right information to neutralize attackers in near real time.

See suspicious and malicious activity anywhere in your network

By combining your existing network surveillance activity with our proven traffic intelligence and behavioral indicators, Arbor Spectrum enables your security team to discover the most damaging threats as they happen.

Detect and confirm threats 10x faster.

Arbor Spectrum’s data visualizations, intuitive workflows and powerful analytics, combined with its high-performance searches of historical network data, empower security teams to detect and confirm threats 10 times faster than existing solutions.

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See Arbor Spectrum in Action.

Orchestrated attacks can be devastating to today’s businesses. These coordinated cyber events surpass the limits of automated solutions and must be addressed directly by security teams. Arbor Networks Spectrum arms security teams with the right information to go head-to-head with attackers to stop attacks within minutes.

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • “Arbor Spectrum takes a comprehensive approach to threat detection. It combines the detailed analysis and archiving of packets and flow within a single inclusive network-monitoring solution.”

    Ovum Rik Turner, Principal Analyst

    Source: OVUM SWOT on Arbor Spectrum

  • “Arbor Spectrum's core capabilities include the ability to investigate all network traffic which, alongside its access to a complete network threat archive, helps identify good and bad behavior patterns. Its workflow-based functionality enables security teams to pivot between threat discovery, incident investigation, and the forensics of recovery from within a common user interface.”

    Ovum Rik Turner, Principal Analyst

  • “Arbor Networks knows more about the internet’s workings than possibly anyone outside the National Security Agency. Their monitoring equipment sits in nearly all Tier 1 internet providers — and if you want data on what the internet looks like and what the top threats are, they’ve got it through their Atlas service.”


  • “...a combination of internal and external traffic visibility, custom and third party threat intelligence, intuitive workflows and powerful data visualizations that empower the analyst to move quickly... Enterprises evaluating network-based approaches to advanced threat detection and response may find a good fit in Arbor’s Spectrum platform.”

    Jon Oltsik, principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group

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