Arbor Networks SP/TMS DDoS Detection and Mitigation User Course

This course covers how Arbor Networks SP and Arbor Networks TMS can be used to detect, analyze and mitigate various types of DDoS attacks. 

Attendees will learn about the types of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and how SP and TMS diagnostic tools and reporting can be used to analyze and report on the details of an attack. Then, pulling from real-world experiences, utilize various mitigation techniques to lessen the impact of these attacks. During lab exercises, students will detect various anomaly types, use Arbor SP tools and reporting to analyze the traffic, and then mitigate malicious traffic targeted against resources they have been assigned to protect.

Target Audience

Network operations personnel, security administrators and staff responsible for monitoring, mitigating (network anomalies) and ensuring peak performance of the SP and TMS solutions.


3 days

Course Topics

  • Use SP for Infrastructure Security and DDoS Protection
  • TMS Technical Overview
  • DDoS and Anomaly Detection
  • DDoS Mitigation Techniques

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify challenges facing service providers and describe how SP and TMS features generate further revenue opportunities by offering cloud-based, differentiated managed security services.
  • Understand Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) types and identify common attack methods used by attackers.
  • Describe the features of SP that are used to identify malicious activity against managed resources.
  • Identify the function of the TMS appliance and describe its role within an SP deployment.
  • Describe how anomalies and malicious traffic are presented in SP.
  • Use the SP diagnostic tools and reports to analyze and interpret anomaly data to determine the appropriate mitigation option to implement.
  • Correlate the attack information collected to appropriate mitigation methods and countermeasures.
  • Use the various mitigation options to allow desirable traffic through to the destination while lowering the impact of undesirable traffic.
  • Surgically remove DDoS attack traffic from your network using various countermeasures to target and remove malicious traffic while maintaining the availability of managed resources and key network services.
  • Use pre-defined filter lists during the mitigation of an attack.
  • Ensure service availability and network performance via rich-context reporting.

Arbor Networks Educational Services

Arbor Networks offers a comprehensive selection of technical training courses, each geared to participants with distinct skill sets, from novice network operators to senior system administrators.  Instructors, with extensive security and networking experience, lead the classes and all required training materials are provided.  Each training session combines classroom instruction with tailored, hands-on experiences, in live network environments, so that participants learn practical, rather than just theoretical, skills. This process enables participants to gain the knowledge required to successfully operate their Arbor solutions while maximizing product performance.

* On-site customer class size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.