Your success as a cloud service or hosting provider comes down to two things: uninterrupted access to your data center and reliable performance of your core data center services.

As a cloud service or hosting provider, you often have a higher risk of DDoS attacks than other online businesses because you, in effect, aggregate the risk of all your customers. An attack on one customer can affect others and potentially the entire hosting operation because of the heavy reliance on shared infrastructure.

The overall impact of a DDoS attack is a function of the time it takes to detect the attack, the time needed to mitigate it and the extent of service degradation both before and after mitigation. If your data center is down because of a DDoS attack or other network availability threat, your customers can lose revenue – and your business can lose revenue and credibility.

Since our founding in 2000, Arbor has been on the front lines of the DDoS battle. Our innovative DDoS prevention solutions and ongoing commitment to Internet-wide network security research and information sharing has helped establish Arbor as a global leader in the DDoS market. Our customer base includes the vast majority of tier one and tier two service providers globally as well as many of the world’s largest hosting providers and enterprises.

By partnering with Arbor, you can protect and grow your business with solutions that enable in-depth visibility into network, application and routing traffic; DDoS detection, mitigation and reporting capabilities; and a revenue-generating platform for managed DDoS protection services. Highly scalable and easily deployed, our solutions are relevant whether you’re a small hosting provider with a single data center or a large cloud services provider with multiple data centers and extensive network connectivity.

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • “As one of the world's largest data center and colocation providers, Equinix understands that customers are very concerned about the security and availability of their data within hosted environments. Arbor Networks DDoS protection is both advanced yet easy to operate. It provides real value for our teams beyond attack mitigation. It give us great insight into network traffic as well as service performance.”

    Equinix Brazil, Operations Director

  • “More than 1500 enterprises rely on Netmagic for always-on, secure and high performance managed hosting and cloud services. DDoS attacks are continuous threat to both our infrastructure and that of our customers. We chose Arbor Networks because they’re tested and proven in large hosting and cloud environments like ours. Their flexible portfolio allows us to protect our own infrastructure while also delivering a DDoS protection service to customers.”

    Netmagic, Chief Executive Officer

  • "By providing insight into where traffic is coming from, SP enables more accurate traffic engineering, network planning and peering analysis – all of which helps reduce our costs and optimize our services.”

    Foreshore, Technical Director

  • "There's no question that Arbor Networks is the best company in the world to work with when it comes to DDoS mitigation and protecting our infrastructure from availability threats."

    DreamHost, Chief Executive Officer

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