Arbor Networks traffic-centric approach to network security

Since the beginning of the Internet, enterprises have been defending networks with new categories of solutions, for different points in the network, from AV for viruses and worms to IDS/IPS for known vulnerabilities, to today’s sandbox for malware payload analysis. The obvious problem is that threats evolve, continuously.

Why Arbor?

We believe security solutions must be coordinated to mitigate attacks before they reach a customer’s network whenever possible, and then quickly identify and stop threats once they have made it past an increasingly porous perimeter.

Leveraging our unique customer footprint and experience working with the world’s most demanding network operators, Arbor has developed an enduring solution for the threats of today and tomorrow.

Our enterprise solutions provide multiple opportunities to identify and stop DDoS and advanced targeted attacks. We do this not by focusing on specific threats or points in the network, but on networks themselves. No matter how much the threats and attackers have changed, security still comes down to understanding network traffic.

Arbor offers your company a unique combination of external and internal traffic intelligence with threat mitigation that is enhanced by powerful security analytics, incident response and forensics. We enable your IT and security teams to see, understand and stop network-based threats before they impact your business.

Look who is talking about Arbor Networks

Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • “Arbor's (Pravail platform) offered American Water the essential components to round out our enterprise-wide security solution and protect American Water’s internal networks from insider misuse, spyware, phishing, zero-day attacks and propagating worms.”

    Security Director, American Water

  • “Arbor is building a network security and analytics platform that goes far beyond DDoS detection and mitigation. Arbor now has a unique combination of NetFlow, packet capture and global threat intelligence from their ATLAS infrastructure to address today's dynamic threats that evade signature-based solutions.”

    Research Manager, Security Products at IDC

What is Your Challenge?

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