Disruptive Approach for Finding and Analyzing Advanced Attacks

Effective security requires searching for and finding attacks faster – not waiting and reacting after a significant breach is discovered. Arbor Networks SA captures and analyzes terabytes of network traffic data – in real time – so security teams can instantly identify attack activities that indicate the system has been compromised and take steps to remediate.

Features & Benefits


When an attack has compromised your perimeter, quickly identifying it before it can do any damage is important. SA appliances can capture an analyze traffic in real time. This means your security team can constantly monitor critical assets and immediately identify malicious activity.


Advanced threats are often comprised of multiple types of threats. In many cases, once an attacker gets a foothold into the network they will launch additional attacks to escalate privileges and/or access other system. The SA platform leverages full packet captures to analyze beyond individual threats and instead create a detailed timeline of when the compromise first occurred, what communications occurred and what other systems were impacted.


Effective analysis requires ongoing interaction with your data. SA gives you the tools to interact with your data like never before. First, powerful visualizations display data from multiple perspectives (attacker, target, location or attack type) enabling security analysts to quickly compare attack statistics from different periods or locations, over years or terabytes of traffic. Second, you can play, pause and rewind data to easily investigate threats and build attack timelines.


Determining initial compromise can be critical during attack investigations. The SA platform relies on a process called looping to identify previously undetected attacks. New security intelligence information is run against stored packet captures to determine if an attack compromised the system at an earlier date.


The threat intelligence that keeps SA at the cutting edge of network security comes from data derived
from Arbor’s ATLAS® (Active Threat Level Analysis System). Using this system, Arbor monitors Internet traffic to detect new threats that are targeting the enterprise. This data is analyzed by security experts within Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) and developed into effective analytics or detection methodologies.


SA appliances are quick to set up and can immediately start capturing and analyzing packets in real time. By arming incident response teams with the tools to confidently and quickly identify attacks putting the business at risk, organizations can minimize the impact of advanced threats

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Our market-leading products deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, proven availability protection, and broad-based threat detection and mitigation.

  • ""Based upon its information security reputation and its Arbor Networks Security Analytics, CISOs would be wise to reach out to Arbor Networks and assess how its “hunting” tool aligns with their organization’s security requirements."

    Enterprise Strategy Group

  • “For more than a decade, Arbor has maintained its leadership position in the DDoS prevention market. Arbor continues to evolve and innovate, launching Arbor Cloud, their hybrid on-premise and cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution, and acquiring PacketLoop for advanced security analytics and forensic capability. This is a very active market and moves like these help keep Arbor in a leadership position.”

    IHS Infonetics Research, Principal Analyst

  • “Arbor’s Security Analytics is a powerful platform for processing huge amounts of data and providing actionable intelligence through intuitive visualizations that reveal threats in both real-time and historical data sets. Arbor now has a unique combination of NetFlow, packet capture and global threat intelligence from their ATLAS infrastructure to address today's dynamic threats that evade signature-based solutions.”

    IDC, Research Manager for Security Products

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