From the HostingCon 2013 trade show floor

Austin, Texas played host this past week to HostingCon 2013, an event dedicated to hosting providers and vendors who market to this niche segment. While smaller in size, this show proved itself to be a unique venue where the attendees were no-nonsense, focused, and motivated to find solutions to very real problems. I have to say it was a surprise and a welcome departure from the gigantic venues where most attendees only want to know how to get swag and be entered into drawings.

In attendance were dedicated security companies like Symantec and vendors spanning many different segments, sizes, and offerings, including well-known names like Microsoft, onApp, and SSL Guru.

Regardless of who was there, DDoS was on everyone’s lips. Vendors touted the ability to solve the issue, attendees asked presenters and panelists for best practices, and show floor customers were sharing recent war stories and wanting to find solutions ASAP.

As someone who has been in the network security world for a while, I have seen the bubble of interest grow, burst, grow again, and now evolve. I always find it interesting how vendors will throw around jargon and promises, in hopes of gaining thought leadership and profits. It only takes a conversation to determine who is truly solving the problem versus who is delivering “spin.”

In today’s new normal, attacks are no longer solved by a single box. Only a defense in depth approach can be successful where security process is coupled with network-wide traffic visibility, threat intelligence, behavior analysis and security embedded into the fabric of the network. This approach, along with the right security products that can truly mitigate the risk of attacks, is critical. Because, today's cyber-attacks are no longer just automated, they are now even more dangerous due to a very real human element.

Vendors who can help customers of all sizes bridge the gap between SecOps and NetOps and who provide true security consultation together with products, will win in this environment of complex threats and savvy customers.

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