Powerful DDoS Protection Made Simple

Arbor Networks APS provides, on-premise, in-line, DDoS protection for the world’s most critical enterprise and government networks. Powered by automated DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities; seamless, intelligent integration with Arbor Cloud for in-cloud protection; and continuously armed with security threat intelligence delivered by Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT), APS delivers DDoS protection from both known and emerging availability threats - so your organization can maintain business continuity.

Features & Benefits

DDoS Protection, Powered by Proven Technology

Easy to install, configure and use, APS provides automated DDoS attack protection using technology that has been deployed in the world’s most demanding networks for the last 15 yrs – allowing your already stressed security teams to focus on other problems.

Always-On DDoS Protection

On-premise, in-line, automated protection against volumetric, TCP state-exhaustion, application-layer IPV4 and IPV6 DDoS attacks and other advanced threats. APS also detects and stops outbound communication such as CnC exposing malware that is lurking inside your organization.

Intelligently Integrated On-Premise and Cloud-Based DDoS Protection

A DDoS attack only needs to be as large as your internet circuit to make on-premise DDoS protection useless. Via a powerful feature called Cloud Signaling, the APS can intelligently and automatically reroute attack traffic and local APS protections (i.e. policies, white/black/GEO IP lists etc.) to an upstream Arbor Cloud DDoS scrubbing facility (or your ISP who may be running Arbor products) to stop large attacks that will overwhelm your on-premises protection.

Full Suite of DDoS Protection Platforms & Pricing

The APS comes in a variety of form factors and pricing designed to fit any organization’s technical or budgetary requirements. APS 2U, appliances can be licensed with mitigation capacities ranging from 500Mbps to 40 Gbps. vAPS is a virtual version of the product, supporting KVM and VMWare hypervisors and proving mitigation capacities ranging from sub 100Mbps to 1Gbps; in all cases products can be purchased as either CapEx and/or OpEx.

Support for Amazon Web Services

vAPS can be run in your private virtual environment and/or in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide unified protection for your hybrid-cloud environments.

Automated Threat Intelligence

Arbor has visibility into approximately 1/3 of the world’s Internet traffic. This unmatched visibility enables Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) to develop and deliver the ATLAS Intelligence Feed – an automated threat intelligence update that continuusly arms the APS product to keep your organization one step ahead of emerging threats.

Reports for Attack and Peace Time

APS produces in-depth, real-time and historical reports for all DDoS attack activity showing protected/blocked hosts, attack sizes, vectors etc. APS also provides value during peace time (when you’re not under attack) via detailed network traffic reports showing top protocols, applications, hosts, or countries of origin/destination.

Built-in SSL Inspection to Block Encrypted Traffic

As the Internet evolves to increasingly rely on SSL encryption, DDoS attacks have also evolved to encrypt the malicious traffic and evade DDoS protection solutions. APS now includes an optional in-box SSL acceleration card to deliver an integrated, one-appliance DDoS protection solution to inspect encrypted traffic for DDoS threats.

Managed Arbor Networks APS (mAPS) Service

Arbor Networks APS is the industry's leading on-premise DDoS protection product. With the Managed APS (mAPS) Service, you can rely upon the industry leading expertise of Arbor Networks to manage your on-premises APS device and optimize your DDoS protection.

DDoS Mitigation Case Study - The Extra Mile

This is a DDoS protection case study about an organization that was looking for an anti-DDoS solution after it was taken offline by a DDoS attack and out of answers. Arbor experts listened to the customer's challenges and worked through the weekend to architect and implement a custom DDoS mitigation solution that restored their network and application availability. It was after Arbor solved their DDoS protection issues that a formal order was placed. The customer could purchase with complete confidence knowing that Arbor had the right people, process and DDoS mitigation technology to protect their business.

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Arbor Networks DDoS Protection

Our market-leading DDoS attack protection solutions deliver network visibility, actionable security intelligence, and broad-based DDoS attack detection and mitigation.

  • "Arbor Networks APS's ease of use, out-of-box protection readiness and automatic ATLAS intelligence feeds contribute to low management overhead without sacrificing protection on-premises."

    Stratecast Vice President of Research

  • “Arbor Cloud has tight integration between the on-premise APS solution and the cloud and provides a single management, reporting, and forensics pane that enables the customer to stay in control of the mitigation at all times. Their solution should be considered a top choice for companies that operate complex global networks, and companies that have the most to lose when Web properties and applications are taken offline.”

    IHS Infonetics senior analyst

  • “MTN is known for its service excellence in our business sectors. Considering the valuable and mission-critical nature of our solutions, security of our systems is always a top priority… APS delivers us the peace of mind we, and our customers, require, enabling us to focus on the core services we deliver with confidence.”

    MTN, Chief Operations Officer

  • "Cloud Signaling has been a key innovation in enabling the industry-wide adoption of hybrid, or multi-layer DDoS defense as a best practice. Arbor understands the threat landscape and created an elegant way of linking on-premise and cloud-based mitigation. This tight connection is key to delivering protection from today's advanced DDoS attacks,"

    Rob Ayoub, IDC, Research Director

    Source: Arbor APS v5.11 Press Release

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