DDoS and the Evolving Advanced Threat Landscape

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Dan Holden, director of security research for Arbor Networks Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT), talks about DDoS and the evolving advanced threat landscape with IT-Harvest founder Richard Stiennon.

Understanding the nature of DDoS attacks…

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IT Security Pro’s Steve Gold talks to Dan Holden, director of Arbor Networks’ ASERT – Arbor Security Engineering and Response Team, about:

What a DDoS attack is… What Arbor’s observations show about these type of IP attacks… The strategies that IT security professionals need to adopt to minimise the effect of a DDoS attack… Is the hacktivist DDoS attack problem here for the foreseeable future?… What are the best strategies to assuage the effects of an attack?… How you can plan ahead to help prevent an attack from hitting home?…

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Lab Matters – DDoS Bot Landscape 2011

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From Lab Matters: Kaspersky Lab Webcasts  – Arbor Networks researcher Jose Nazario talks about new DDoS bot families most previously unidentified. Nazario provides a tour of recently discovered DDoS bots from around the world showing the proliferation of attack models, adoption of .Net, and new modular functionalities.

Why Hackers Love the Cloud

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Network World Podcast – April 7th, 2010

The growth of cloud services has led many enterprises to move data and applications to the cloud, but the hacker community is also moving there. With content consolidation and multi-tenant infrastructures comes more opportunities for hackers to steal data or conduct DDoS attacks with greater ease. Danny McPherson, VP and Chief Security Officer at Arbor Networks, discusses some of the ways hackers are eyeing cloud services and what IT can to to face these threats. (12:51)

A National Disruption

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In late 2008, Jose Nazario was interviewed for a Canadian Public Television show focused on cyber war, specifically Estonia. The show was broadcast last year and has since been sold to the Smithsonian Channel.
A trailer can be found at this link,


Note: Due to licensing restrictions, this video may not be accessible in some regions

Iranian Government’s Internet Crackdown (BBC Interview)

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BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones interviews Arbor Networks Chief Scientist Craig Labovitz on the Iranian government’s Internet crackdown (4:42).  Rory Cellan-Jones also wrote an article that appears on the BBC News Web site that can be read here.

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