World IPv6 Launch: Break-Out Time for IPv6

By: Arbor Networks -

By Darren Anstee, Solutions Architect for EMEA and Scott Iekel-Johnson, Product Manager

We are now starting to drill down into the data we have on the native IPv6 traffic that is out there today. Interestingly, the break-down of the traffic does not appear to have shifted that much from what we have been seeing in recent samples, with HTTP being dominant as we would now expect (based on previous IPv6 observation data),

Figure 1.

However, a few things do leap out from the graph above. Firstly there seems to be much more use of ‘Other UDP’ since early on Tuesday this week, Figure 2. We are continuing to investigate what this might be, but we have seen an increase in file sharing (Bittorrent) traffic over IPv6 so far today based on UDP port analysis.

There has also been a general increase in other TCP application usage. From port-based analysis, some of this traffic appears to be an increase in SMTP traffic over IPv6, rising from negligible levels yesterday to 1.3% of TCP traffic today. This may indicate that with IPv6 Launch Day some email services as well as web-based services have successfully transitioned into IPv6.

There also seemed to be an initial increase in the use of HTTPS, and other SSL services over IPv6, just after midnight last night although this appears to have reduced to ‘normal’ (as per yesterday) levels now,

Figure 3.

As the day goes on we’ll continue looking more deeply into the data to identify patterns as they emerge.