Church of Scientology DDoS Statistics

By: Jose -

If you’ve been watching the tech news lately, you’ve seen that Anonymous has opened hostilities against the Church of Scientology. Among their many attacks are several DDoS attacks designed to disrupt their website. Here’s some quick numbers on the attacks.

Looking specifically at attacks in the past week directed at AS7914 (registered to CSI – Church of Scientology International), I find the following:

  • Number of attacks measured: 488 in the past week
  • Attacks by date: 488 on January 19, 2008
  • Maximum PPS rates seen: nearly 20000 pps (packets per second), with an average attack size of 15,000 pps
  • Maximum bandwidth seen per attack: 220 Mbps, with an average attack size of 168 Mbps. This is on the high side of an attack, but significantly smaller than the largest ones we commonly see nowadays
  • Maximum duration of a single attack: 1.8 hours, which is on the long end of common, but the average attack lasted just under half an hour
  • Number of reporting ISPs: 1, indicating that this is not a huge, broadly sourced attack (ie it may not have registered on other ISPs systems)

So, clearly the attacks are real. In fact, you can see in this Netcraft report for the website that they’ve moved it to a DDoS mitigation service. The attacks used in this case are common, garden variety DDoS attacks.

Just some numbers around a newsmaking DDoS event.


  1. Just some *wrong* numbers around a newsmaking DDoS event. It’s simply not possible for these to be correct. Sorry.

  2. You counted ONE attack on ONE site.

    There were LOTS of attacks on MANY CoS sites.

    Anonymous advises you to conduct better investigations next time.

  3. these numbers do not show the extend of our ‘hostilities’. if you must report. do so properly.

  4. Totally wrong. You should look into your numbers.

  5. you just noted the tip of the iceberg, this is just 1 website out of many

  6. haha at the ‘anonymous’ people
    for all your hyping up, the actual attacks themselves were pathetic and barely kept the sites down, any single person with an average botnet could have done a better job. sorry but you’re not as big as you think you are in this game

  7. Be careful with this religion. They are brainwashed to believe that they truly are the on true hope for mankind. So they stand so firm and attack back.
    I would install the botnet if it meant to be used for this purpose. I hate when you cannot use freedom of speech and someone tries to stop it. They should not be let to do what they did. Next thing you know they will try to get some law passed that lets them (SCN) do what they want because they are a religion.

    Well done Anonymous!

  8. I think that one guy meant “extent”. It’s kind of lame (botnets). You don’t really have the firepower or knowledge to bring down CoS… I’m no fan of CoS but you may as well give it up.

  9. Anonymity International 09/28/2010, 1:13 pm

    Pretty poor attempt really. Anyone up for giving this a real shot and bringing down a dangerous, evil cult? LOIC’s at the ready people…