Arbor Networks SpectrumTM

The Advanced Threat Platform That Connects Attacks Across the Internet With Internal Enterprise Networks

Empowering security teams to find and prove active attack campaigns 10x more effectively than SIEM and Security Forensics

Advanced threat defense is a must. Attackers are able to hide on corporate networks because security teams fail to use advanced threat detection or connect discrete events using traditional tools and incident response processes focused on high severity alerts.

The Spectrum platform brings Arbor’s Internet-scale visibility and advanced threat detection to the enterprise network, allowing teams to connect global attack indicators to activity inside your network. By monitoring threat actors, Arbor connects threat actor activity happening on the broader Internet with the internal conversations on customer networks using advanced threat defense.

Arbor Spectrum was designed for security teams to use advanced threat detection to uncover and investigate the most stealthy advanced threat campaigns in minutes. Therefore, your team’s scarce time is focused on finding and proving the threats that matter most. This makes your team more effective, while reducing the real risks to your business.

Advanced Threat Detection:
A Unique Lens to Uncover Advanced Threats

ATLAS Global Threat Intelligence Indicators
ATLAS is a collaborative platform with more than 330+ service provider customers who have agreed to share anonymous traffic data with Arbor that encompasses more than one-third of all Internet traffic. Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) watches malware families changing generationally while also monitoring real-time botnet activity. ASERT receives updates to the malware straight from the botnet. This unique global perspective empowers Arbor customers with detailed, actionable threat intelligence.

Advanced Threat Detection: Surface and Search the Entire Internal Network
Arbor Networks Spectrum integrates ATLAS threat indicators with real-time visual workflows and security analytics of all network activity for advanced threat defense. Arbor Spectrum instruments netflow and performs advanced threat defense and the ability to detect, investigate and prove threats within and across the network. This occurs 10X faster than traditional security analytics and forensics or SIEM solutions.

Easy install and operation
Avoid the hassle of dealing with complex, difficult to deploy and operate solutions that frustrate rather than empower users. Arbor’s Spectrum platform is built with the user in mind, for rapid deployment and broad adoption for advanced threat defense.

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Proof of APT in Minutes.
No, really.

Arbor's Spectrum platform combines unique threat indicators and intuitive, real-time workflows to empower security teams find and prove attack campaigns across the entire network faster than you ever thought possible. Hear from a customer who used Arbor's Spectrum platform to detect a highly targeted attack in their environment in just seven minutes.

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